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Week 7 in the NFL should have allowed for some big plays from high-powered offenses, but sloppy quarterback play derailed the highlight reel. Thankfully there were still some excellent moments and some unconventional ones to enjoy from the week that was.

This leaves us in a quandary. Do we talk about how Brandon Gibson “entered the Matrix”, do we compare it to John Elway’s famous flatspin, or do we get a little snarky and take about what he should have done? We’ll take door number three.

Gibson is in a position where he’s riding the defender’s back and has the Best Site To Buy Cheap Jerseys opportunity to land on his feet after being spun in three different angles at once. This is a good play either way, but with a landing and humble saunter this could become a legendary play.

If the season ended today (which would be unexpected and likely tragic) then the Browns would be picking 14th and 27th (Colts, Trent Richardson trade) in the draft. The last time they picked twice in the first round, they made two mistakes: Weeden and Richardson.

They can’t afford to do that again.

The Bears haven’t drafted a quarterback higher than the fourth round since 2003 (Rex Grossman, 22nd overall) and that strategy usually leaves a team constantly churning the roster with backups who couldn’t hack it in other cities.

McCown isn’t good. His best quality is that he isn’t absolutely terrible. Chicago gave Jason Campbell $3 million to back up Cutler last season in order to avoid another Hanie meltdown but it turned out that Campbell also isn’t good. The Bears will probably want to spend a higher draft pick on a player with some actual potential next Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys season, or we might just keep singing the same sad, old song here.

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