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I have a little fun with it and call him “Jim Irsay Can You See?” because on gameday hes seeing double before there even done with the national anthem. Irsays what we call a “decisionmaker” in this business. And whether hes deciding between Luck and Manning or 211 and OE, Irsays the type guy whose not afraid to risk a little short term discomfort Cheap Miami Heat Jerseys for a real championship buzz.

Irsays what you call a “must follow” on Twitter. Hes always pinning his ears and his liver back giving takes on his former players, classic rock lyrics, and that dang big ole penguin he keeps chasing out there.

Sunday Nights game was a huge vindication that Irsay has made all the right moves which we should of seen coming from a guy who spends half his life stumbling around in nothing but a dress shirt and whitey tighteys folks. Hes arguably the best owner in the league because of his ability to both plow through problems and get abosulutely plowed himself at the same time- thats why I gave him the nod as my Road Grader Of The Week for Week 7.

Congrats to all the winners, I know I left a few out but this is a Mt Rushmore of NFL awards not a emporers clay army- you have to stand out folks. In other quick news Im 0-6 in my CAPSLOCKS gambling this year which you have to admit is pretty cool. Enjoy your two nights without football to make eyecontact with you’re family or whatever. Im going to use the time to nap and try on football cleats at Sport’s Authority for fun. How are YOU going to spend your offdays?

Robert seems like a cool guy might have to catch a hang with him later maybe play some buy or sell.

Rich is a genius you dont see many other NFL personalities entering the tech world even though Marcus Lattimore seems like hed be a perfect fit over at Yelp or as many of you guys pointed out- a Gruden Grindr app Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys might be right up Kluwe’s alley.

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