Tony Romo on Jason Witten: It’s a tough decision

The circumstances aren’t exactly the same, but Tony Romo has some idea about the decision that his former Cowboys teammate Jason Witten is wrestling with right now.

That’s the quality, the “it” factor, the magic that allows a Authentic Cheap Jerseys quarterback to naturally lead others. It’s what, as one league source recently explained to PFT, set John Elway apart. Per the source, a former Elway teammate said that, when Elway was in the huddle, he simply had a way of convincing his teammates that they were destined to win the game.

And here’s where stats and analytics take a backseat to intangibles. If a quarterback can exert effortless, organic leadership, the quarterback possesses a quality that plenty of his peers may not possess.

Doug Peterson, Frank Reich and John DeFilippo built a system to highlight Carson Wentz’s athletic gifts, getting him playing fast by threatening the defense with his ability to run.

And that offense, stocked with run-pass-options and movement, worked all the same for Nick Foles, pulling the veteran journeyman out of a mid-career funk and into a championship.

The Raiders and G.M. Reggie McKenzie didn’t draft Reggie’s son Kahlil. The Chiefs did, in round siz. Which is already making one of the best rivalries in the NFL even better.

But I’ll say that I expect—as we get to the dead part of the football calendar when you see a lot of idea sharing going on—pro coaches will be calling Riley to talk ball.

The Vikings really went into the draft looking to address two areas.

One was corner, and they did that in taking UCF corner Mike Hughes with Bing Cheap Jerseys the 30th overall pick.

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