Andrew Luck’s injury history, a timeline

The Indianapolis Colts are still without Andrew Luck after the quarterback underwent surgery in January. Recently acquired passer Jacoby Brissett has played well as the team’s starter in Luck’s place, but the Colts are undeniably worse without the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NFL draft on the field.

His absence has been somewhat of a mystery. While Luck’s surgery was described by Colts owner Jim Irsay as an outpatient procedure that wouldn’t threaten the 2017 regular season, it has clearly become a more significant issue than that. Luck has yet to play this season.

A lot of the run-pass options and plays designed to get Smith outside the pocket will likely remain in the playbook for Mahomes, who starred in an Air Raid offense at Texas Tech. But Mahomes’ raw downfield passing ability should give the Chiefs even more vertical options.

That’s an intriguing prospect for an offense that ranked fifth last year and returns Travis Kelce, who is among the NFL’s best receiving tight ends, and receiver Tyreek Hill, who is now joined by another speedy threat in Sammy Watkins.

You know, when I saw [Troy] Aikman as a rookie, he never complained. He had a rough year, he never blamed anybody else. And you could tell he was a football player, and he was going to be not only a good football player, but a great football player, because just the way he handled himself.

Dak [Prescott] has got a lot of that in him. You don’t see him blaming anybody else. And I truly believe a quarterback has to be very confident in themselves, but you’ve got to transfer that confidence to your teammates. And if you can’t transfer that confidence to your teammates, you’re not going to be successful, because you can’t do it by yourself. And they have to really believe in you. They just have to have this instinct that even when things go wrong, that they still believe in you.

I think I did have that. I think the players believed in me and I Cheap Baseball Jerseys think, whether it’s Troy [Aikman] or Tony [Romo] or Dak, they cannot do it without the Cheap China Jerseys team believing in them. And they have that ability, that confidence you look at and say, ‘Hey, you’re going to figure out how to win this game.’ That’s what you have to do as a quarterback is to have the confidence of your teammates.

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