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I love that a team built around Andy Reid and Alex Smith* is 7-0 and the last undefeated team in the NFL. Reid and Smith: two effective but flawed cast-offs who wore out their welcomes by being themselves in the same place too long. Reid coached the Eagles to four consecutive NFC title games (and five in 14 years), but won only one of those and lost the ensuing Super Bowl. As the years went on, fans — perhaps rightly — focused on his predictability and poor clock management rather than his past success.

(*Yes, yes: the team is built around its talented defense. I Cheap Vintage NHL Jerseys see you, knowledgeable football fan. Let me enjoy the narrative for a moment.)

Reid, of course, was discarded for Chip Kelly, while Smith lost his job after a concussion allowed Colin Kaepernick to demonstrate that he was fast and exciting and could throw the ball with accuracy more than 20 yards downfield. The rest of the season, Smith gracefully accepted his role as mentor and cheerleader to Kaepernick, as evidenced by his enthusiastic reaction to a read-option touchdown scored by Kaepernick:

Smith, you may recall, was the first overall draft pick in 2005, selected ahead of Bay Area hero and Cal product Aaron Rodgers, who has since achieved some modicum of success. Smith languished for six seasons, the victim of a rotating cast of coaches and coordinators (not to mention his own limitations) before Jim Harbaugh turned him into an effective game manager in 2011. Smith would lead that team Cheap Vintage Basketball Jerseys to the NFC Championship Game, playing perhaps his best game as a pro in a shootout with the Saints in the playoffs.

This is presented strictly as PARODY, but that doesn’t dilute the strength of these takes. All spelling errors are intentional (we think). Don’t like it? There’s the door. – Ed.

The Danny “Newsboy” Woodhead Lunchpail Fella Of The Week: Danny Woodhead Wins Again!

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We have reached that point of the season where Bears fans are openly calling for the team to sign Brett Favre and people are monitoring JaMarcus Russell’s weight. Crappy quarterback after crappy quarterback has seen playing time this year.

And Brady Quinn still got cut. That’s how bad you are, Brady Quinn. General Cheap Womens Baseball Jerseys managers would rather figure out ways to trick JaMarcus Russell into eating vegetables than sign you.

In this week’s Fumblr: the Chiefs sit atop the NFL, Peyton gets a turn at Manningface, Greg Schiano is still an ass, and a helpful guide to whether you should mess with Steve Smith.

Time of Death: Mike Glennon’s touchdown pass on 4th-and-goal from the 13 would have cut Atlanta’s lead to one score with five minutes to play. That touchdown was called back for an illegal use of hands penalty, forcing the Bucs to settle for a field goal and the comforting knowledge that eventually human existence will just cease to be.

The Falcons were without the services of their dynamic duo of Roddy White and Julio Jones at wide receiver going into Sunday’s game against their division rivals, the Buccaneers. That left Harry Douglas as the only wide receiver on the game day active roster who had more than one catch this season. In fact, the rest of the guys combined had one catch on the season. You would think that would make things easy when Bucs coaches were deciding who all-pro cornerback Darrelle Revis — a player that they traded for and are paying a cool $16 million this year — should be covering man-to-man the entire game.

And of course, you would be wrong.

You see, Douglas had a career day on Sunday, hauling in seven passes for 149 yards and a touchdown to help drag the Falcons to their second win of the year, 31-23, over the Bucs. And Cheap Wholesale Jerseys how many times was Revis lined up opposite Douglas on those seven catches you ask?

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I have a little fun with it and call him “Jim Irsay Can You See?” because on gameday hes seeing double before there even done with the national anthem. Irsays what we call a “decisionmaker” in this business. And whether hes deciding between Luck and Manning or 211 and OE, Irsays the type guy whose not afraid to risk a little short term discomfort Cheap Miami Heat Jerseys for a real championship buzz.

Irsays what you call a “must follow” on Twitter. Hes always pinning his ears and his liver back giving takes on his former players, classic rock lyrics, and that dang big ole penguin he keeps chasing out there.

Sunday Nights game was a huge vindication that Irsay has made all the right moves which we should of seen coming from a guy who spends half his life stumbling around in nothing but a dress shirt and whitey tighteys folks. Hes arguably the best owner in the league because of his ability to both plow through problems and get abosulutely plowed himself at the same time- thats why I gave him the nod as my Road Grader Of The Week for Week 7.

Congrats to all the winners, I know I left a few out but this is a Mt Rushmore of NFL awards not a emporers clay army- you have to stand out folks. In other quick news Im 0-6 in my CAPSLOCKS gambling this year which you have to admit is pretty cool. Enjoy your two nights without football to make eyecontact with you’re family or whatever. Im going to use the time to nap and try on football cleats at Sport’s Authority for fun. How are YOU going to spend your offdays?

Robert seems like a cool guy might have to catch a hang with him later maybe play some buy or sell.

Rich is a genius you dont see many other NFL personalities entering the tech world even though Marcus Lattimore seems like hed be a perfect fit over at Yelp or as many of you guys pointed out- a Gruden Grindr app Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys might be right up Kluwe’s alley.

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A heated game between the Carolina Panthers and St. Louis Rams on Sunday showcased two teams heading in opposite directions. The Panthers turned in their second straight decisive victory in the 30-15 win, while the Rams lost their starting quarterback for the season with a torn ACL.

Sam Bradford landed awkwardly San Jose Sharks Cheap Jerseys on his left knee after Rg3 Cheap Jerseys being shoved out of bounds in the fourth quarter, and it overshadowed all the other problems the Rams had in the game. St. Louis struggled with their emotions, getting hit with five personal foul penalties and defensive end Chris Long was ejected from the game for throwing a punch.

No quarterback has made the majority of starts at quarterback for the Bears in five consecutive seasons since Ed Brown (1955-1960), but Jay Cutler is in his fifth season with Chicago and he’s almost there. However, he’ll now miss a start (at least four of them) for the fourth straight year. In that time, Todd Collins, Jason Campbell, Caleb Hanie, and McCown have all made starts in his absence, but none of them are good. And now it’s McCown again.

Clemens is not good at being an NFL quarterback. That’s not something he should take personally, fewer than 30 people in the entire world are good at being NFL quarterbacks at any given time. The difference between Clemens and someone like Brian Hoyer is that we still didn’t know that much about Hoyer.

Clemens has been in the NFL since 2006 and we’ve had plenty of time to find out that he’s not good.

The Rams signed Brady Quinn and Austin Davis for support in the second half of the season. Quinn was terrible for half of the year in Kansas City last season, so at least he’s got experience.

Up next: Like Case Keenum last week getting his debut against the Chiefs, Clemens gets to make his first start this season against one of the best pass defenses in the NFL. It’s the Seahawks on Monday night!

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Week 7 in the NFL should have allowed for some big plays from high-powered offenses, but sloppy quarterback play derailed the highlight reel. Thankfully there were still some excellent moments and some unconventional ones to enjoy from the week that was.

This leaves us in a quandary. Do we talk about how Brandon Gibson “entered the Matrix”, do we compare it to John Elway’s famous flatspin, or do we get a little snarky and take about what he should have done? We’ll take door number three.

Gibson is in a position where he’s riding the defender’s back and has the Best Site To Buy Cheap Jerseys opportunity to land on his feet after being spun in three different angles at once. This is a good play either way, but with a landing and humble saunter this could become a legendary play.

If the season ended today (which would be unexpected and likely tragic) then the Browns would be picking 14th and 27th (Colts, Trent Richardson trade) in the draft. The last time they picked twice in the first round, they made two mistakes: Weeden and Richardson.

They can’t afford to do that again.

The Bears haven’t drafted a quarterback higher than the fourth round since 2003 (Rex Grossman, 22nd overall) and that strategy usually leaves a team constantly churning the roster with backups who couldn’t hack it in other cities.

McCown isn’t good. His best quality is that he isn’t absolutely terrible. Chicago gave Jason Campbell $3 million to back up Cutler last season in order to avoid another Hanie meltdown but it turned out that Campbell also isn’t good. The Bears will probably want to spend a higher draft pick on a player with some actual potential next Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys season, or we might just keep singing the same sad, old song here.