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Jerry Jones says fear of failure led to fractured relationship with Jimmy Johnson

Jerry Jones wishes he would have handled things differently with Jimmy Johnson in 1994.

Jones explained Saturday night, following his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it was a fear of failure that led to the fracture of his once-close friendship with Johnson.

“In my spot as the owner, I was supposed to have tolerated the most,” Jones began to explain on NFL Network. “I should have taken tolerance, but I tried to explain (Saturday) that I was really so scared and thought I was stupid for betting what I bet to get into the National Football League and buy the Cowboys. It scared my ass so bad, that I lost my tolerance.

“I just couln’t tolerate it, so when I thought it wasn’t right, I didn’t have time for that. Call that whatever you want to. It was not a call for attention. The Dallas Cowboys had won two back-to-back championships.

Jackson, by that date dropping, seems prepared to delay his Week 1 call for as long as possible. That favors Kizer, too. In the meantime, the Browns can expect him to New England Patriots Cheap Jerseys build NBA Cheap Jerseys his confidence by using his arm and athleticism to go to work on lesser defenses. Although his path from rookie to starting came under different circumstances, it’s similar to how Dak Prescott was able to rise quickly in Dallas last preseason.

While Osweiler looks like he’s competing, in reality, the Browns just admitted he really isn’t. They’re a lot more interested to see how Kizer tries to rise above Kessler.