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Would the Steelers rescind the franchise tender for Le’Veon Bell?

With running back Le’Veon Bell refusing to commit to the Steelers for five years and $70 million (asterisk), there’s another question to consider: Will the Steelers ultimately refuse to commit to Bell for one year and $14.5 million?

The options available to Bell regarding when to accept the franchise tender Wholesale Jerseys Paypal and report for duty is premised on the assumption that the franchise tender will still be available to be accepted. Until Bell accepts the franchise tender, the Steelers could (in theory) yank it.

There’s also the question of how ready for the regular season he’ll be without camp.

Last year, he rushed 52 times for 180 yards in his first three games after staying away for camp and the preseason, looking like a guy who needed a month to get ready to play.

Washington was never ready to commit to QB Kirk Cousins in the way that Minnesota did this offseason, so the team pulled off a surprising trade in late January for Smith. The big question entering this season is, Will Smith be an upgrade at QB? The 34-year-old has led his team to the playoffs four of the past five seasons and is coming off the best season of his career, but he also comes to a team without the same supporting cast that he had with Andy Reid, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and co.

Kendall Fuller’s live Twitter reaction upon finding out that he was the unnamed player in the Alex Smith trade.

A look at what the Giants should pay Odell Beckham Jr. (and why he’ll Tom Brady Cheap Jerseys be worth every penny), whether or not the Falcons should give Julio Jones one more mega-deal, and our ranking of the top 10 receivers in football for the upcoming season

Legal defenses for the Texans

Every lawsuit has two sides, and the Texans are armed with a number of legal arguments in hopes of seeing these lawsuits dismissed.

As a starting point, the Texans have filed a motion to dismiss Neuner from the litigation. The Texans contend that Neuner waited too long to sue and that her claims are time-barred under the relevant statutes of limitation. Neuner worked for the Texans for four months in 201She was employed on a one-year contract that was terminable at will by either the team or Neuner. The team elected to terminate the contract in August 2011, around the time Neuner allegedly told Glenda Morrison, the Texans senior director of human resources, that she was very thankful to have this opportunity and would be devastated if it was taken away. According to an affidavit signed by Morrison, Neuner added that she really [respected] Coach [Gary] and what she does for the cheerleaders. Under Texas law, Neuner likely had to file her claims within two or four years (depending on the nature of the claim); she waited seven years to do so.

Indeed, the clause instructs that if the commissioner determines that the dispute between the cheerleader and the team is not football oriented—a phrase that the contract defines as a dispute that could arise between any employer and employee, such as a dispute relating to or arising out of discrimination, wage and hour, or family and medical leave issues—then the cheerleader and the Wholesale Jerseys Paypal team agree that the alternative dispute resolution company JAMS, Inc. would serve as the arbitrator and that the arbitration hearing would take place in Houston. While this type of arbitration clause limits the commissioner’s authority to resolve the cheerleader-Texans dispute, it more relevantly reaffirms that the cheerleader contractually agrees to arbitrate her claims and that any lawsuit can only follow arbitration.

Moving on, back to the defense: With Saleh running a unit with a very similar coverage distribution to the one Sherman is leaving behind, the largest difference will be the change in personnel. The big question is obvious to anyone who has watched the Seahawks for the last seven seasons: Who is Richard Sherman without Earl Thomas? Playing cornerback is different when you have the benefit of a six-time Pro Bowl safety having your back, and Sherman has shown us why over and over again.

When the Seahawks are in coverages where the middle of the field is closed—that is, when a safety is responsible for deep balls down the middle of the field (Cover 3 or Cover 1 most commonly)—Sherman is consistently great regardless of The Best Cheap Jerseys Thomas’s presence, with a 59% success rate over the past two seasons, per SIS. But Thomas’s effect is evident in touchdowns and interceptions. Sherman’s INT rate drops from 5.8% to 2.7% when someone other than Thomas is responsible for the middle of the field, and his rate of touchdowns allowed jumps from 2.9% to 5.4% in such situations. In layman’s terms, the presence of an elite safety allowed Sherman to take more risks, knowing he had backup in the event he was beaten over the top.